Ramblings From a Dirty Apartment

(Day 18 of 30 Days of Blogging)

I started reading some philosophy disguised as a housekeeping manual called Home Comforts and it’s been pretty illuminating.

I’ve always loathed housework. I’m not exactly sure why. It could be the feeling of futility from the cycle of cleaning something that will soon become dirty again. Or maybe my pseudo-nomadism/quasi-Buddhism prevents me from attaching much importance to objects and spaces. Or maybe like many I internalize that housework is women’s work, or that valued work is paid work.

Whatever the reason, it’s bullshit. Many qualities I admire in others and try to cultivate in myself are practiced by housework. Self-reliance, independence, problem-solving, discipline, preparedness, even mindfulness.

To a degree these are qualities that are also developed by computer programming. I’m pretty good at one and not the other, why? One difference is that people will give you a lot of money for programming. But monetary rewards are starting to motivate me less and less these past few years.

If I put half as much time organizing my home as I do my $HOME I’d probably be better off. Perhaps housework is the most rewarding task one can perform, because it doesn’t depend on an employer and the results are immediate.

But housework is boring. Yeah, so is programming like 99% of the time. Besides, maybe boredom is underrated.