Quick Update

(Day 24 of 30 Days of Blogging)

I think this is going to be my last post for a little while. Updating this blog every single day has gotten to be a bit of a slog, and I don’t want to just start spamming junk posts. I also don’t want to completely burn myself out of the whole thing.

I’m still very happy with how everything with the blog experiment turned out! I’m getting a lot more comfortable at writing, and putting thoughts into words always has a kind of therapeutic effect. My only regret is I should have taken weekends off so I could have padded out to 30 days and succeeded the challenge I set myself 😀

In other updates, I’m continuing to work on my new pet project, a text processing Swiss army knife. It’s been one of those projects that’s both fun to work on and also proving to be immediately useful.

Next week I’m moving out of the city and planning some new routines. Regular calisthenics at home is something I used to do religiously (sometimes to the annoyance of roommates) but I’ve totally slacked off the past year or two. I’ve been training for mobility and practicing aerial circus arts, but it’s been a good while since I did any real strength training. I’m going to get back to that.

I have other plans while I’m out there but that’s all for now. More updates soon hopefully!