30 Days of Blogging

Happy new year!

I’ve had this domain kicking around for ages and have always wanted to do something more with it. So, I’m making a commitment to write a blog post every single day for this month. This won’t be easy for me. I do not write. Hell, most days I can barely even read. I worry about writing about the wrong thing, or too little, or too much. But I’m also stubborn, so for the next 30 days we’re just going to dive in.

The past several months of the COVID quarantine has given me plenty of time to think, and time to work on side projects which will be interesting to write about here. That should fill about 2 weeks worth of posts. After that… well, let’s find out.

So here we go, new year, new blog. I haven’t yet decided what I enjoy writing about, but I expect the posts will be mostly about tech, but also occasionally about travel, circus arts, spirituality. Really anything but politics.